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WARNING! Fraudsters impersonating bank employees

WARNING! This message is to warn you against fraudsters who:

Please stay alert! This is an attempt to steal your money. Below you will find out what the fraudsters do to achieve their goal.

Fraudsters can disguise their phone number to make it look like it’s genuine. That is why you can have an impression you’ve been called by a bank employee. Criminals usually know the phone owner’s name. What’s more, to make themselves seem more credible, they may give you several last digits of your payment card number.

They may start by saying they are calling you for cyber security reasons to lull you into a false sense of security. They may imply that your computer or smartphone has been infected, that there is a fraudster out there trying to steal your money, and they are calling to save you from the trouble etc. They can use various scenarios, but their goal is always the same: they want to steal your money by making you believe that you are talking to a bank employee.

Our employees will never call you regarding such matters. They will never ask you to disclose your login, ID card or payment card details such as the card number, expiry date or CVV/CVC code. They will never instruct you to download any additional software.

Fraudsters want to be able to see the information displayed on your smartphone and take control of your device. That is why they will insist that you urgently download software that supposedly "removes viruses" (or give you other reasons, all of them fake). The software itself is legal; it has been downloaded from an official store many times, and the users’ opinions on it are good, which makes it even more difficult to realise that it can be dangerous to use it. Unfortunately, if you do it, you will let criminals use your phone remotely and read the information displayed on its screen exactly like you do.

If you suspect you have been called by a fraudster, please contact the bank as soon as possible.

Please don’t put off reading our security messages sent to you via CA24 eBank and the CA24 Mobile app. For articles on current threats and how to avoid them, please see our CAsfera.pl blog.