Welcome to the Credit Agricole API PortalThe API Portal is intended for third party providers (TPPs)

We are making this access interface (API) available to you in accordance with Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on payment services in the internal market (PSD2).

The APIs made available by the Bank enable TPPs to initiate payments (PIS - Payment Initiation Service), collect data on payment accounts maintained by the Bank (AIS - Account Information Service) and confirm the availability of the amount required for a given transaction in the payment account (CAF - Confirmation of Availability Funds) to the extent required by the amended Payment Services Act. Our solution complies with the PolishAPI standard version 3.0.0, developed by the Polish Bank Association for the implementation of PSD2 in Poland.

The Credit Agricole API portal is a secure solution to offer your services to customers of all the Bank's business lines. Given the specific nature of our systems, we provide two variants of the API dedicated to two different business segments:

  • retail customers and SMEs
  • corporate clients.

For the purposes of functional testing, we are making available the testing environment (PSD2 Sandbox), that mirrors the functionality provided on the production environment and provides mocked responses to your calls.

The use of the API and the PSD2 Sandbox is free of charge.

API XS2A Retail - the API is available
API XS2A Corpo - the API is available

Documentation summaries of XS2A interfaces launched by Credit Agricole are available from

API XS2A Retail an interface allowing banks and TPPs (Third Party Providers) to exchange payment account data and initiate payments. Available via online banking (CA24eBank) for individual customers and SMEs.

Technical specifications - download here (yaml)

Access to the interface: https://xs2a.credit-agricole.pl/CaPolishAPI/prod/individual/

API XS2A Corpo an interface allowing banks and TPPs (Third Party Providers) to exchange payment account data and initiate payments. Available via corporate online banking (CA24 Biznes) for corporate clients.

Technical specifications - download (yaml)

Access to the interface: https://xs2a.credit-agricole.pl/CaPolishAPI/prod/corporate/

Note. Any entity wishing to start using the API for the provision of services introduced in accordance with the PSD2 Directive to the Payment Services Act must first be registered with at least one register in a European Union member state in the role in which it wishes to act in the process. It must also have a valid certificate for identification by banks in the communication process. Such certificates are issued by qualified trust service providers.


In accordance with Rekomendacja dotycząca użycia logotypów ASPSP w ramach świadczenia usług inicjacji płatności oraz dostępu do informacji o rachunku Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A. (the Bank) makes trademarks available in the form available here.

The Bank gives its consent for its trademark to be used for information purposes connected with providing PIS and AIS services without the need to obtain a licence for the use thereof as long as it is necessary for a third party (being a payment service provider referred to in Article 2.4(b)- 2.4(f) of the Payment Services Act) to be able to provide services. The Bank does not give its consent for its trademark to be used if the trademark has been modified in any way, including in particular if its colour, proportions or shape have been changed or if the trademark has been combined with another trademark. The only admissible form in which the trademark can be used is that specified in the Bank’s access interface documentation. At the same time, the Bank hereby warns that using the Bank’s trademark in any way that suggests that there is a link between the Bank and a given TPP, or that the TPP’s services are promoted via the use of the Bank’s trademark, is prohibited.

For basic information about the fallback interface, please read:

The PSD2 Sandbox contains static data that makes it possible to test the services made available in accordance with the scenarios prepared by us. The Bank makes the PSD2 Sandbox available to TPPs and payment service providers applying for TPP status (i.e. those who have applied for a relevant permit/entry in the register to the competent authorities).

You must have the certificates issued by the Bank to be able to carry out tests.

To get access to the documentation (including test scenarios) and obtain a set of test certificates, please complete the application and send it to [email protected].

We have prepared a list of questions and answers concerning our solutions: FAQ. If you cannot find answers to your questions in our documentation or FAQ, please contact us by e-mail. We will reply to your message as soon as possible.

You can contact us using one of the following addresses:

  • [email protected] - for errors and technical issues connected with the API and the PSD2 Sandbox, including problems with the availability of the interfaces.
  • [email protected] - for other questions connected with the solutions implemented by Credit Agricole, including those connected with the documentation and certificates issued by the Bank for the purposes of carrying out tests via the Sandbox.

In order to make analysis of the reported case more efficient, please add:

  • Information on which environment and API it refers to (Production, Sandbox, API XS2a Retail, API XS2a Corpo);
  • A detailed description of the problem/question and the place in the documentation which raises doubts, as well as the number of the version of the documentation used;
  • the URL of the request containing the environment and the path of the endpoint called;
  • Technical headings with information about the attached certificate, JWS signature etc.;
  • The content of the request and the reply including the headings.


If you encounter any problems with our interfaces during your tests or work in the production environment, please let us know as soon as possible at [email protected]. We will try our utmost to solve the problem as quickly as possible.
If you need access to the PSD2 Sandbox, please contact us at [email protected].


+48 71 79 97 140 (Calls charged as per service provider’s standard rates. )
Our hotline is available from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm on working days.


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