We are committed to being a trusted partner for our corporate clients. A partner appreciated for speed, flexibility and reliability. In particular we wish to support you in the unforeseen events that we are now facing. We spare no efforts to provide advice in this unprecedented situation in a competent, transparent and honest manner using all the strength, experience and expert knowledge of the Crédit Agricole Group.

We are carefully listening to the needs of our clients

Our advisers and experts are available on phone and at the e-mail address. They remotely support you in the areas of cooperation with our bank.

We provide the latest digital solutions

When the exchange of documents in the traditional way is difficult or impossible, innovative technological and digital solutions are gaining in importance and become more and more common. Below you can see some of the solutions functioning in our bank:

Transactional Banking

  • Submission in CA24 Biznes of instructions with non-qualified signature, with a possibility of defining the authorization structure and template. All clients may have their own messaging template for sending to the bank any, previously agreed on instructions. Messages can be authorized similarly to transfers, by the authorized persons.
  • Ordering modifications of rights in the electronic banking system in CA24 Biznes communication module (including BAM - Bank Account Management). Each client has a possibility of placing change of rights instructions in CA24 Biznes by mail. This solution enables to attach a scan of the documentation with changes to a message in CA24 Biznes and to sign it by authorized persons. In addition, the solution accepts client’s own instruction formats, previously agreed on with the bank.
  • Acceptance of documents, i.a. account agreements or transfer orders in electronic form, signed with qualified electronic signature with the use of the SZAFIR tool.

Trade Finance

  • Safe and fast electronic submission of orders and requests in the Trade Finance area (concerning documentary credit, bank guarantee, collection and factoring) via the Trade Finance module in CA24 Biznes electronic banking system. Orders and requests can be submitted online or sent as attachments to mail in CA24 Biznes (with hand signature or electronic signature affixed by duly empowered persons).
  • Issuing e-Guarantees in the form of a declaration of will in electronic form (pdf file). They bear qualified electronic signature based on an electronic signature certificate issued by the National Clearing Hose (SZAFIR application). Declarations of will submitted electronically are equal to declarations of will submitted in writing.

Financial Markets

The FX CALL platform has been offered by the bank for quite a while now. It enables to conclude foreign exchange transactions based on transparent attractive pricing conditions also in a situation of increased market volatility and irrespective of the organizational solutions at the client’s end in the face of the threats related to COVID-19. The platform enables to conclude transactions from any computer used for remote work.


We have taken measures under the ZBP assistance program for enterprises affected by the epidemic

We have taken actions under the special-purpose aid program of the Polish Banks Association with a view to providing support to our corporate clients affected by the consequences of COVID-19.
Special measures were dedicated to all our corporate clients (with the exceptions of those in bankruptcy/cure or those who were subject to voluntary or court-ordered restructuring). These included the possibility of postponing by 6 months the repayment of instalments - for amortized credits with instalments maturing on or before 30.06.2020, and the possibility of extending agreements by 6 months - for credits with maturity dates on or before 30.06.2020. Decisions on granting support were taken after an analysis on a case by case basis, based on a simplified process to accelerate the decision taking.

Guarantees under BGK Liquidity Guarantee Fund

Our corporate clients affected by the difficult situation due to COVID-19 may benefit from additional security offered under the BGK Liquidity Guarantee Fund. It is a package of special solutions developed by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego in cooperation with the government and the banking sector as part of the government’s Anti-Crisis Shield. The package offers a possibility of providing additional security in the form of a guarantee for the repayment of loans granted by the lending bank to medium-sized and large enterprises for the purpose of ensuring financial liquidity. The guarantee covers the unrepaid principal amount of the loan excluding interest or loan-related costs. Detailed information about the terms and conditions of obtaining the guarantee is available on the BGK site and from your relationship manager at the bank.

In consultation with the Polish Development Fund we are participating in the implementation of some forms of support available under the Financial Shield

As part of the government Anti-Crisis Shield, the Polish Development Fund (PFR) has launched an aid program the PFR Financial Shield for Companies and Employees addressed to enterprises affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. Its objective is to protect the labour market and provide financial liquidity to companies during the period of serious disturbances in the economy. The program is composed of three basic component parts with the total value of PLN 100bn: PLN 25bn for micro companies, PLN 50bn for small and medium-sized companies, and PLN 25bn for large enterprises.

The basic instrument of the financial support for enterprises from the SME segment [1] are financial subsidies with a mechanism compensating COVID-19 related losses and in the case of large companies [2] – liquidity financing, which is to be repaid in full and is provided against payment, preferential financing with a possibility of compensating losses resulting from the spread of COVID-19, and investment financing with the use of capital instruments provided at market conditions and as part of public assistance.

Corporate clients meeting the SME segmentation criteria could apply for financial support at preferential terms through the intermediary of the bank until 31 July 2020. The decision on the disbursement of funds and their amount is taken by PFR. The subsidies will be disbursed in accordance with the order in which applications are considered by PFR. Details concerning the terms and conditions of the financing and the amount of the granted support are available at PFR website.

Other clients, large companies, may apply for financial support from PFR by submitting appropriate requests for financing directly to PFR or using the application form available at the website www.pfr.pl. The financing will be provided continuously until 31 December 2020 which term is extendable depending on the situation relative to the economic consequences of COVID-19 and the availability of funds for the financing of the Program. Details at PFR website.

[1] companies employing from 10 to 249 employees with annual turnovers under EUR 50 million or balance-sheet total under EUR 43 million
[2] companies with employment amounting to at least 250 employees – total employment within capital group, turnovers above EUR 50 million or balance-sheet total exceeding EUR 43 million in consolidated terms

Anti-Crisis Shield

Other forms of support available under the Government’s Anti-Crisis Shield

Please note that you may also benefit from other aid programs offered under the Anti-Crisis Shield by:

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